Printable Patterns

Hashtag no gate-keeping!! 

I am about to walk you through how I get patterns from a photo onto fabric XD

First off, I use my iPad & Apple pencil to import the image into Procreate (not sure if it's an apple only product??). There was a one-time purchase for the app, and I have loved it. From there, I use the Monoline brush to trace the photo on a new layer, making adjustments as needed. 

Once that image looks the way I want, I uncheck the "background" layer and the layer with the original photo. Then I'll export to Canva, where I can size it to prep for printing.

After sizing is complete, I will reduce the opacity to somewhere between 55-75%, and I am ready to print!

I grab a sheet of my sticky solvy paper (affiliate link) place it in my (normal and cheap!) printer - fabric side UP - and away we go!

Grab some not-fabric scissors, cut out the design leaveing a 1/4 inch allowance edging (aka don't cut it right on the line), peel and stick to your fabric :)

Want to know how to wash it off & add a backing? Check out this video:




Pro Tip: Use your finder PAD to peel the fabric part away from the backing - not your finger NAIL :)

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