Collection: Custom Orders

Embroidery is a wonderful and nearly limitless art form. One of the things I personally love best is the ability to create unique custom orders. 

The most popular option for custom orders is a pet portrait. Typically this is for a dog or cat owner, and is a sketch-style embroidery with black thread on white fabric. Options for extra elements include a the pet's name, a bandana, a crown, flowers, greenery, colored eyes... Read more about ordering a pet portrait here. 

**Want to order a custom pet portrait as a gift for someone else? Purchase a gift voucher! You'll get a printable PDF image to send out to your loved one, along with a custom redeem code sent by Julie after your purchase. The price includes an extra element and shipping to the US. If you know that shipping will go out of country, please contact Julie as there is an extra S&H fee. 

Other custom options include:

  • Bridal Bouquets
  • Home/Building 
  • Baby Feet 
  • Tattoo Replica
  • Photo replica

To get the ball rolling on these custom embroidery options, please fill out this form:

Custom Embroidery Form

All questions can be submitted via the custom form. Cheers!!