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Pet Portrait Gift Voucher - Cat Voucher

Pet Portrait Gift Voucher - Cat Voucher

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Want to gift someone something really unique? Does that person also have a pet they are completely in love with? A custom pet portrait *gift voucher* might be exactly what you need!

A gift voucher ensures that not only do you get the credit for choosing something creative, fun, and personal - you don't have to do any of the actual work!!

What do I mean by that? Well, when it comes to a custom order, there's a little bit of back and forth between the customer and the artist. I, as the artist, need photos, some feedback, and after the draft is sent over, approval to get started. The hardest part can sometimes be choosing that initial photo! I do ask for at least three high quality images so that I can best create a replica that has the feeling of that pet. And while you love your friend, you probably don't have access to their overall favorite photo of their pet. Hey, if you do, more power to you!

Generally speaking, it's something that might be best left to them to decide.

So, what does a custom pet portrait voucher mean? Right off the bat, you'll get an email with a downloadable and printable image. That image is the gift card. Very soon to follow, I will also email you with a unique custom code. That's going to be linked with your purchase, so please send that along with the gift voucher to your friend. You can print it out and write the code down, or send digitally with the code alongside - however you prefer! 

Once they receive the gift they have a year to redeem. To redeem, they simply email me the redemption code and I will start the process off with them immediately. This does override the waitlist time frame - however depending on the time of year it might take an extra week. 

Et voila! You get all the credit with essentially no hard work. If you are still unsure if this is the right choice of gift, you can email me, Julie, at and I can answer any other questions or address any concerns you might have! 

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